Release procedure

This document is a checklist for creating a toot release.

Currently the process is pretty manual and would benefit from automatization.

Bump & tag version

  • Update the version number in
  • Update the version number in toot/
  • Update changelog.yaml with the release notes & date
  • Run make changelog to generate a human readable changelog
  • Commit the changes
  • Run ./scripts/tag_version <version> to tag a release in git
  • Run git push --follow-tags to upload changes and tag to GitHub

Publishing to PyPI

  • make dist to create source and wheel distributions
  • make publish to push them to PyPI

GitHub release

  • Create a release for the newly pushed tag, paste changelog since last tag in the description
  • Upload the assets generated in previous two steps to the release:
    • source dist (.zip and .tar.gz)
    • wheel distribution (.whl)

TODO: this can be automated:

Update documentation

To regenerate HTML docs and deploy to

make docs-deploy