toot includes a text-based user interface. Start it by running toot tui.



Keyboard shortcuts

Pressing H will bring up the help screen where all keyboard shortcuts are listed.


  • Arrow keys or H/J/K/L to move around and scroll content
  • PageUp and PageDown to scroll content
  • Enter or Space to activate buttons and menu options
  • Esc or Q to go back, close overlays and menus


  • Q - quit toot
  • G - go to - switch timelines
  • P - save/unsave (pin) current timeline
  • , - refresh current timeline
  • H - show this help


These commands are applied to the currently focused status.

  • B - Boost/unboost status
  • C - Compose new status
  • F - Favourite/unfavourite status
  • K - Bookmark/unbookmark status
  • N - Translate status if possible (toggle)
  • R - Reply to current status
  • S - Show text marked as sensitive
  • T - Show status thread (replies)
  • L - Show the status links
  • U - Show the status data in JSON as received from the server
  • V - Open status in default browser
  • Z - Open status in scrollable popup window